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From planing throughout strategy we are striving to achiev a better world with responsive technologies

Smart Roads,Rails,Airports

Smart roads, rail and airports

Smart roads, rail and airports include technology solutions to increase efficiencies through frictionless ports of entry.  The use of data and monitoring can provide signifcant savings of time as well as energy efficiency for terminals and transportation.  Arrow Smart Technologies provides the complete solution and integragtion of systems for cities and transportation companies to increase vital supply chain data with increased efficiencies for large transportation projects.  For instance, the integration of chemical detection technology into port security procedures will reduce lead times for critical supply chains.  Arrow Smart Technologies provides validated, approved equipment with system management integration that meet and exceed the requirments of various regulatory agencies.  Arrow Smart Technologies provides the complete solution and the integration of these technologies with long-term contracts and substanical benefits to our client.

Smart Lighting

Smart street lights

Smart street light solutions provided by Arrow Smart Technologies include connecting communities with mesh net wifi for increased energy savings and prevententive maintenance solutions. This reduces costs and increases efficiencies.  Arrow Smart Technologies provides a complete system for local and regional public sector (government) clients as well as large development companies.

Smart Logistics

Smart logistics

Smart logistics involves not only the collection of data but the analysis of the data to an ever changing world.  The ability to provide guaranteed supply chain management is essential to the success of a business.  Arrow Smart Technologies provides unique solutions for large logistics projects that are essential to the stable growth of business and commerce.  This includes solutions for aviation, rail and roads which increase efficiencies and reduce costs for the end user.

Green Energy

Green energy

Green energy requirements can make the use of clean energy expensive and limit the access to cleaner energy sources.  Arrow Smart Technologies provides district solutions that are often less expensive and create unique opportunties for green technologies for cities and large developers.  The use of district geothermal solutions and PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) systems as well as other integrated technologies can provide guaranteed cost savings for projects that reduce carbon while reducing the cost of energy.  Arrow Smart Technologies provides end-to-end solutions, making energy cleaner, reliable and more affordable.

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