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What we do

Arrow Smart Technologies integrate the most advanced AI solutions to provide maximum efficiency, energy savings and environmental benefits to our clients.


Arrow Smart Technologies is transforming infrastructure to responsive technologies around the world and providing more efficiency, energy savings and ease of use.  We are in the forefront of this infrastructure transformation. Data collection and the analysis of the data through Artificial Intelligence or “AI” is improving our environment from street lights to the agricultural process.

The evolution of infrastructure through technologies such as frictionless airports, smart roads, responsive communities and percision farming is possible with the integration and manufacturing expertise of Arrow Smart Technologies.

Our clients range from governments to small technology innovators related to large, infrastructure projects for smart technology integration.  We think globally and act locally to provide a globally reach with local expertise for large, smart infrastructure projects to provide the right equipment, software and management solution for long-term energy, logistics and agricultural projects.

The industries of focus are smart solutions for Smart responsive:

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